Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Legendary Singer

There are many songs from many singers throughout the world; some are good, some are average, some may be worst; but Legendary Singers and songs are few in centuries.
To understand a song one has to listen from all ears and mainly concentrating on the lyrics. Lyrics may be common words but the way in which they composed and pronounced makes them adorable. Music adds further beauty to it but the main thing is the style of their PRONUNCIATION. If one can appreciate the voice, he/ she is half done with it, but the real meaning can only be understood via listening from heart which makes him/ her understand the real beauty of it.
"I wish you'd listen closer to the songs I play; cause the lyrics speak the words I fail to say"
But its not that simple to understand the meaning of lyrics unless they are sung with extraordinary devotion of heart. Some singers may have selection of good lyrics but they are not able to express them with deep emotions and purity of heart so they fail around with that song; but those called Legends may not have that much excellent selection lyrics for a song but their devotion makes the song matchless, like if the voice is coming directly from heart and not from tongue.
If one listens to such legendary songs than he/ she automatically starts following its beauty and find himself/ herself flying in the air with it. They touch your heart to such deep level that you feel a true bond with it and keep on listening like forever in that time. Such legendary singers and songs purify the souls. Its not necessary for one to be in a relationship with someone to get such deep feelings, if the heart is pure & respectful for others then that heart feels it even unintentionally. The reason behind that is as Legends sing from deep core of their pure hearts, they can easily come in contact with audiences having pure hearts. 
There may be many such legends but the one for whom all this was written is The One and Only "Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan" His songs were like a complete world in itself. The way he expressed the lyrics in his songs were far beyond any sort of competition. He had such a grip over his vocal cords that he felt like a magician because of his voice. He was legend for all, either for someone who is listening to his songs in leisure time for enjoyment, or someone who had something to do with dedications for others.
He was known for many super-hit songs like "wohi khuda hey", "akhiyan udeek diyan", "piya re" and many more legendary songs.
He was like a LEGEND of all TIMES- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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