Thursday, 30 March 2017

At The Conference

I was interested in attending conferences ever since I started my graduation studies. During the tenure of my education I wanted to attend conferences regarding my studies but couldn't get a chance. As soon as I graduated I got an opportunity to get myself enrolled in an International Conference which was to be held in Pakistan. The conference was regarding Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. I was really excited about it.
I got myself registered for conference approximately a month before its date. I being a fresh graduate, was invited by the organizers to attend the Inaugural Ceremony too. The ceremony was held on evening before the day of conference. I reached at the specified auditorium in time, though I was a little bit scared as it was something new for me. As soon as I reached there, I was really happy that finally my little wish was becoming true.
I met there, the Vice Chancellor of my University. He was invited at the conference as a Special Guest. It was a great experience meeting with him. I (& probably most of my colleagues) viewed him like a monster who put us through extremely difficult tasks/ examinations. but when I met him & had a chat with him, my view regarding him changed, he was nice and a hardworking man who was putting his every effort to make better future for us, so that our community & country is served better from our part.
What added to my joy was that I met one of my senior at the Inaugural Ceremony. She was very kind and helpful. She guided me throughout & discussed with me the future career options, the pros & cons of each option. She shared with me the best of her knowledge & experience. I was very thankful to her for her knowledge and time.
The next day, conference began at scheduled time and yes it was happening!!!!! I was attending the conference. There was knowledge and knowledge, no limits, as much as one could take & learn from it. The Professors participated from across the world. They were from Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, England, USA, from the hosting country i.e. Pakistan & many more areas of world. The focus of the conference was on Chickungunya Fever before tea break. Speakers/ Professors shared their knowledge and experience regarding incidence, prevalence, pathogenesis & treatment of Chickungunya Fever. They discussed the various clinical features through which patient can present with.
During the tea break, there was the segment of Poster Presentation, and youngsters from across the country and all over the world presented different sort of posters related to infectious diseases, approach, pathogenesis and treatment. Everyone's effort was clearly depicted in his/her poster. They were extraordinarily amazing and fruitful for all those who were part of the conference.
After the break, second session was dedicated to Zika Virus and Polio Virus. Everyone shared his/ her knowledge on the disease. The main focus was on efforts to eradicate and how to eradicate the disease. Methods for prevention, early detection and diagnosis were discussed in great detail. The epidemiology of viruses were described explicitly, so that the disease may eradicated even from the place of its origin.
After the lunch break, next session was focused on individual Adult and Pediatric Disease Control, like what diseases are more prevalent in adults, how to prevent them and most importantly how to stop cross infection from adults to children and vice versa. The discussion was also set upon the new emerging pathogens/ microorganisms e.g. Candida Auris, the means to stop them from emerging further and to treat those in time who are already infected before other people get infected.
After that there was session for Research Papers, undergraduates, postgraduates and also post docs presented there researches carried out on various infectious disease, whether on their incidence, pathogenesis or treatment. The researches were carried out on very large scale, they were not just confined to hospitals or small towns, not even cities, rather they were carried out at national & international levels. Every researcher had put his/her greatest and best effort in his/her research papers to make them meaningful, not just for professionals but even for the benefit of a common man too.
Then there was Closing Ceremony, people were presented with shields as a reward for there efforts. Prizes were distributed among the 1st, 2nd & 3rd position holders in Research Presentation. Lastly, the closing comments were given by Chairman of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Disease Society & by the Host of Conference of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Disease Society.
On the whole it was a fascinating experience for me and such a memorable event of life.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Being A Surgeon

"A Good Laugh And A Long Sleep Are The Best Curses In The Doctor's Book"
I have seen many people around me who like to join medical profession and among them many choose their career as a Surgeon.
During the tenure of my basic medical education, I & one of my colleague got an opportunity to perform a surgical procedure our self (not alone- we were guided by our teacher/ assistant professor). A day before surgery, me & my colleague took up the necessary history, performed the examination & prepared the patient for surgery scheduled next day. On the next day we both were at hospital on time. We prepared ourselves for operation theater, like changing clothes, shoes, getting washed up etc.
The patient was about to undergo amputation of her leg as it was ulcerated due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels (diabetes mellitus). I was both excited and scared for the Surgery. Soon the operation started and with the support of God Almighty & our motivation, the surgery was done successfully. The patient was then shifted back to to Surgical ward for post-operation care.
From the perspective of a doctor, I was very happy that I performed a surgery with my own hands which went successful. Needs a celebration, doesn't it??
But from other perspective, what could patient and his attendants would have thought of us? A Butcher!!!! Although it was well explained to the patient & her relatives that her only hope of survival is that her leg must be amputated to prevent further infection in the body. Both patient and her relatives agreed for surgery. Yet they were scared of the Surgery. After the surgery, the patient was very reluctant to be admitted back to surgical ward of hospital for post-op care. What would she have been be thinking of, which made her so reluctant and uncooperative? Was she traumatized psychologically?  Was our behavior not good enough with her? Was she scared that there may be some further surgical procedure to be done on her? What other answers she would have been seeking? Would someone want to party now!!!!!!
From my own perspective, I ask myself many questions, among them are; what did we do to her? Have we saved her life or did we actually made it even more worse? Would the patient ever be able to go back to normal daily life or even near to it? Was there any better option for her? Would she be scared whole of her life to go to a doctor for any disease? Will she ever try to become socially active again like before? Will her community accept her? Answer to which medical issues she would seek for her whole life, & will she ever get an answer for them? & many other questions.....  Is that how it feels like, to be a surgeon!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Legendary Singer

There are many songs from many singers throughout the world; some are good, some are average, some may be worst; but Legendary Singers and songs are few in centuries.
To understand a song one has to listen from all ears and mainly concentrating on the lyrics. Lyrics may be common words but the way in which they composed and pronounced makes them adorable. Music adds further beauty to it but the main thing is the style of their PRONUNCIATION. If one can appreciate the voice, he/ she is half done with it, but the real meaning can only be understood via listening from heart which makes him/ her understand the real beauty of it.
"I wish you'd listen closer to the songs I play; cause the lyrics speak the words I fail to say"
But its not that simple to understand the meaning of lyrics unless they are sung with extraordinary devotion of heart. Some singers may have selection of good lyrics but they are not able to express them with deep emotions and purity of heart so they fail around with that song; but those called Legends may not have that much excellent selection lyrics for a song but their devotion makes the song matchless, like if the voice is coming directly from heart and not from tongue.
If one listens to such legendary songs than he/ she automatically starts following its beauty and find himself/ herself flying in the air with it. They touch your heart to such deep level that you feel a true bond with it and keep on listening like forever in that time. Such legendary singers and songs purify the souls. Its not necessary for one to be in a relationship with someone to get such deep feelings, if the heart is pure & respectful for others then that heart feels it even unintentionally. The reason behind that is as Legends sing from deep core of their pure hearts, they can easily come in contact with audiences having pure hearts. 
There may be many such legends but the one for whom all this was written is The One and Only "Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan" His songs were like a complete world in itself. The way he expressed the lyrics in his songs were far beyond any sort of competition. He had such a grip over his vocal cords that he felt like a magician because of his voice. He was legend for all, either for someone who is listening to his songs in leisure time for enjoyment, or someone who had something to do with dedications for others.
He was known for many super-hit songs like "wohi khuda hey", "akhiyan udeek diyan", "piya re" and many more legendary songs.
He was like a LEGEND of all TIMES- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan